Bikers & Art

             “Val d’ Elsa: A Biker’s Paradise” takes the bikers through the heart and soul of Tuscany, to experience its unique and magnificent landscapes: gentle hills lined with century-old cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards, which showcase incredible views of the Apian Mountains from which Michelangelo extracted the marble block for “La Pieta” in the Vatican. Its distinctive valleys are dotted with Romanesque churches, Gothic abbeys, Medieval castles, farmers’ hamlets and Medieval “borghi” (villages). Silence is supreme and the gentle wind caresses the biker to his final destination. In this Eden, the passion for biking, arts, nature and culture come together in complete harmony.

            Our biking itineraries interwine with the pilgrims’ walk of La Via Francigena, tracing art and civilization in Etruscan, Roman, Middle Age and Renaissance eras. We traverse valleys that were once the theatre of numerous battles between Florence and Siena, and we end our day’s journeys in the picturesque streets of Medieval villages, such as Monteriggioni at “La Porta del Medioevo” (Gateway to the Middle Ages), as immortalized by Dante Alighieri in his epic poem The Divine Comedy.”