TUSCAN TREASURES TOURS brings together art, culture, literature, culinary tradition, unique artisan products, and a sense of wellbeing, in Val d’ Elsa. This unique strip of land, which meanders through the Valley of the Elsa River, extends through the Provinces of Florence, Siena and Pisa, and may be described as the "heart and soul of Tuscany.” Val d' Elsa is an oasis surrounded by magnificent and uncontaminated rolling hills, Medieval castles, Romanesque churches, Gothic abbeys, Renaissance villas, stone flour mills and country farmhouses, set amid bountiful vineyards, silver olive groves and fields of ancient grains. It is the place where poets Dante Alighieri and Giovanni Boccaccio, painters Cimabue, Giotto, Filippino Lippi and Benozzo Gozzoli, bronze sculptor Giambologna, and the "Genius" Leonardo da Vinci, achieved some of their most important works. Nearly a thousand years ago, Val d' Elsa was a crossroads for pilgrims, merchants, crusaders and Templars on their way to Rome and beyond to the Holy Land. Still today, master artisans keep alive ancient trades that date to Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance times. Taste ancient flavors cultivated in an area that is still healthy, natural and uncontaminated. The typical products and wines which we will enjoy in Medieval castles, Renaissance villas and historical estates are a triumph of colors, flavors and scents that, once experienced, will never be forgotten.

            In Val d’ Elsa, you can savor three millennia of history. Come and experience Authentic Tuscany….in Val d’ Elsa!

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