From Florence to Siena, the focus of “Il Viaggio del Maestro” is to reveal the history and times of the noble arts that were part of the daily lives of our ancestors, and to experience the continuation of these trades today. “Il Viaggio del Maestro” takes us on a unique and rare itinerary through the picturesque alleys of the “Citta’ d’Oro” (the City of Gold)“Firenze Sconosciuta” (the Unknown Florence). As we walk its hidden pathways and enter the ancient, still operating artisan shops, we meet the protagonists of the Spring Renaissance in Tuscany and visit little known sites of great artistic importance.

            In “Siena Sconosciuta” (Unknown Siena) we visit the city’s underground, mingle in the streets of the horse racing teams of “Il Palio di Siena,” and discover hidden treasures in the core of Siena that are unknown to the average tourist.

            In the intervening villages of Val d’ Elsa we visit “botteghe” (artisan shops) where still today, master artisans perpetuate ancient trades dating to Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance Times. With their expert craftsmanship and accumulated knowledge, passed from generation to generation, these artisans continue to produce objects of rare beauty.

            During the summer months, the selected villages transform themselves into a reincarnation of their past and you will be transported to the Middle Ages. On these occasions, “Il Viaggio del Maestro” takes you behind the scenes of “Il Calcio Storico Fiorentino” (Renaissance Florentine Soccer Game) and “Il Palio di Siena,” and to actively participate in Medieval festivities such as Anno Domini 1398 in Volterra.Il Viaggio del Maestro” is a one of a kind, unforgettable and unrepeatable experience of a lifetime!